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​Low Impact Desk Exercise

Features & benefits

Vigor is our star attachment device - it connects to almost any swivel chair and turns it into a healthy, muscle engaging, dynamic sitting apparatus. Vigor protects you from the health dangers of motionless sitting. It allows you to activate large leg muscles for tens of minutes without noticeable fatigue.

Why choose Vigor?

Like all our chairs, Vigor is designed to prevent the “Sitting Disease”, by using the leg attachment which will keep your large muscles engaged. Sit actively without compromising on your comfort or getting distracted from work.

If you already own a swivel chair you love but are interested in improving your health by using one of ActiveSeat’s solutions, this is the perfect product for you!

Upgrade your sitting situation today and move farther away from future blood pressure issues by adding the Vigor attachment to your favorite swivel chair.

With Vigor, you simply roll the foot attachment to and fro, activating your calf, ankle and thigh muscles. Choose your preferred level of resistance to increase your blood flow and keep your body safe from thrombosis in large calf veins. In addition, the slow movement in your knee and ankle joints will work its magic on your blood flow, thus speeding up metabolism, burning more calories and fueling up your joints with essential fluids. Do you stand up after a long sitting period feeling tired and stiff? With Vigor you will feel energized and more limber, so you can even accomplish more of your daily tasks. Stay active while sitting, get your blood flowing and joints engaged, all without noticeable fatigue!

How do I use the Vigor?

After mounting Vigor on your chair, simply place your foot on the pedal and slowly move it back and forth. Make sure to switch from one leg to the other every now and again. Use it for as long as you like, there’s no maximum limitation! The more you move, the better you feel.

Vigor integrates flawlessly in your office environment.

When not in use, it leaves no obstacles, your chair easily rolls on the floor, swivels and reclines; Vigor is compatible with high heel shoes; Vigor does not impede fast evacuation in case of emergency.

 How  Vigor compares to 
elliptical bikes and treadmill desks


After having been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, discomfort of my leg was something I just got used to - until I"" had the chance to experience the VIGOR. It challenged my weaker leg and provided a great exercise, and over time I was able to increase the tension. It is not a strenuous workout, just a flowing movement, but the feel of my leg got better. I now use the HEALTH GUARD at my reading space and am so thankful for how it helps me.

Chicago, IL

Maria Lopez

I'm an active and athletic person, but I sit a lot while working – and know that it is not healthy. I tried the chair with VIGOR at my work space, and in the end of day its application told me that I’ve moved my legs for 5 hours during 8 hours of sitting. I felt no discomfort of my legs, got a great stretch which helped me to maintain productivity with my work. This is brilliant!

35, entrepreneur, Chicago, IL

Mireya Fouche

Thank you so much!!! I work long hours at the computer. It helps me feel relaxed

Graphic designer

Illy Wolff

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