The REAL Solution to Greater Work Productivity – And It’s Easy!

We all want to be more productive while we work – and here’s a hack that could change your life and move you up the career ladder quickly:

Find a way to do desk exercises while you’re at work!

Yes, you read that correctly – exercise while you are AT work, and even AT YOUR DESK.

Exercise Studies Can’t Be Wrong – They’ve Been Proven and Re-Proven

The benefits of exercise have been known for years. They aren’t debatable and can be applied to the workplace:

  • Exercise increases your circulation, and that means more blood flow to the brain. With greater amounts of oxygen in your brain, new ideas flow easier and they are of higher quality. And some of the most progressive-thinking companies are including treadmill desks in their offices to ensure that this happens!
  • Exercise releases endorphins that decrease stress levels and keep you calm and collected. Who doesn’t need this when faced with the office bully, overbearing boss, or manager that treats you like you’re a robot? Wouldn’t it be great if your employer allowed you to have a desk bike in the office that you could do a few miles on when you are stressed?
  • Exercise improves the quality of your sleep so that you wake in a more rested state. The more rested you are, the easier you can handle whatever is thrown your way. Speaking about ‘throwing’, even a set of dumbbells or other such exercise equipment near your desk can motivate you to pick them up and do a few sets!
  • Exercise promotes the growth of neurons in the area of the hippocampus where anxiety is regulated. When new neurons are added to this area, your brain is reorganized to deal with stress better. That’s what Princeton University researchers revealed in one of their studies.
  • They also found that mice that were ‘lazy’ had less GABA than mice that were in shape and exercising regularly. The brains of the lazy mice had to go into overdrive when a stressful situation occurred while the brains of the mice exercisers sailed through the stressful situation without getting all worked up about it. GABA helps you prevent yourself from being overexcited.
  • A bigger brain – especially one that is able to regulate anxiety when it comes up is so much appreciated by your employer at work!
  • Part of the magic about exercising and enhanced brain function is that your mitochondria number grows when you exercise and so does your energy level. When brain cells have more than adequate energy to draw upon, you can make smart decisions and ones that are even more creative.
  • In one study published in the American College of Sports Medicine, two groups of students were asked to memorize a list of letters. Before testing them on the list, one group was asked to run and lift weights and return. The other group did no exercise at all. The scientists found that the group that did the exercise and increased their circulation had the better score on the memory test.
  • Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”? Well, it turns out that those who don’t exercise regularly end up having a lower brain cell growth rate. Choosing to be inactive means you are also choosing to lower your brainpower!

Thus, let’s think about this. Active sitting or staying active at work increases productivity. If you can exercise WHILE you’re at your desk at work on a desk bike or treadmill desk, you could end up preserving and even enhancing your brainpower. And that could lead to a promotion.

Just Switch To Active Sitting

The History of Exercising at Work

The new trend of desk exercise or making exercise equipment available at work has progressed from simply giving employees memberships to local gyms, creating a gym in the office building, or bringing in a wellness coordinator and physical trainer to the business for lunch hour exercise sessions.

Now the paradigm change is to enhance thinking, moods, and productivity right there at each employee’s desk. There are even some desk chairs that have gadgets you can attach to the chair tripod that allows foot movement right there at the desk.

It makes a lot of sense.

Have you ever noticed that you feel more alert at work when you are moving more during your workday? Taking an hour off in the middle of the day certainly has its benefits but if the blood flow was maximum while you were actually working at your desk, greater benefits could be expected.

Desk Exercise For Greater Work Productivity Is Really a Habit Change

Active exercising, while you work, is really a matter of changing one’s habits and thinking about better productivity and better health in a new way.

This new way is one that grows and grows on you… as you begin thinking to yourself, “Yes, why can’t I do desk exercise or use a treadmill desk or even break for three minutes to do some desk pushups when I notice my attention on my work is starting to fall? Wouldn’t this be an immediate solution? I can see how that would work…”

Employers would most likely notice a big difference in their employees, and unity would start to unfold in the workplace. The day-to-day stresses that nag at all employees would be ‘flushed away’ with the next circulation rush from the leg extensions with ankle weights done underneath the desk.

The endorphin rush that is felt after exercise switches the nervous system from sympathetic, fight or flight, and “What is he asking me to do now? Why me? He’s picking on me again!” to the parasympathetic nervous system where everything is perfectly fine.

In the parasympathetic nervous system, thoughts such as, “New job task? No problem. I’ll conquer it! Bring it on!” or “I don’t know why I was so irritated with Sam over there for so many months… I see him in a new light now as we’ve been exercising together.”

Yes, productivity at work depends more on systems put in place to automate tasks. It depends on blood flow. On parasympathetic nervous system dominance. On exercise,

while you work. On employees with growing brains, not aging brains. And the unity that follows is something to behold.

There is no more need to stop work, get up and work out, now you and your employees can workout while working!

For information on a new way to do desk exercise, check out this link: