Low Impact Under Desk Pedal Chair Attachment

Your Body Needs to Move


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Product Highlights:

Promotes active sitting.

Helps prevent blood clots / sitting disease.

Doesn't interrupt your focus, work, or typing.

Quiet so you won't disturb co-workers.

Doesn't take up any extra space.

Increase or decrease resistance line.

Includes all the tools you need to install.

Attaches to the base of your swivel chair.

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Vigor's Health Benefits

Vigor is an under desk pedal that provides low impact desk exercise, helping to prevent ailments caused by the "sitting disease." It does this by keeping your large leg muscles engaged and blood circulating while sitting down at your desk. Here are the health benefits Vigor provides:


Helps Prevent the “Sitting Disease”

Weight gain, poor blood circulation, heart disease, weak muscles, diabetes, chronic pain, bad posture, anxiety and depression.


Improves Metabolism

Vigor's natural leg movement works your legs and improves your body’s metabolism because you’re staying active while sitting.


Regenerates Joint Fluid

Using the Vigor desk pedal increases the regeneration of synovial fluid in your joints so they feel better and last longer.


Helps Prevent Blood Clots

Using Vigor keeps your large leg muscles active, which Improves blood circulation to help prevent blood clots.


Promotes Lipase Secretion

Lipase secretion helps take care of the fat in your bloodstream so it doesn’t accumulate over time.


Burns Calories Up To 44% Faster

Tests conducted by Meir Hospital Sport Medicine Center found that using Vigor increases calorie burn up to 44%

Vigor Specifications

Weight: 3 lbs

Width: 11.61" inches

Height: 2.16" inches

Length: 21.85" inches

U.S. Patent #: US8512210B2, US9149678B2, US9370683B2

Color: Black


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Is Vigor compatible with my chair?

Vigor can be installed on any chair where point 1 is higher than point 2 in the image above.


Vigor fits most swivel chairs on castors. Its size is also adjustable. Check your chair’s base—Vigor can be installed as long as the middle of the base does not protrude downwards below the legs' ends level.


Overview of Vigor

How Vigor Works

Attach to Your Chair

• Attaches to your chair in 5 minutes
• All tools are included
• Your chair still retains full mobility
• Vigor doesn’t take up any extra space
• Vigor is always ready to use

Move With Your Foot

• Increase or decrease resistance line to a comfortable level
• Vigor is quiet so co-workers aren't disturbed
• Works with any shoe; including high heels
• Alternate legs as necessary
• Low impact exercise—use for as long as you like

Vigor's Features


Knees Won’t Hit Desk

Other products use pedals which make your knees go up & down hitting your desk. This doesn’t happen with Vigor.


Increase or Decrease Resistance

There is an adjustment knob that lets you choose your preferred resistance level so you are always comfortable.


You Won't Be Distracted

Vigor keeps your upper body stable so there isn’t any “bumpiness” or distraction when you are trying to type and work.


Vigor is Quiet

Vigor is quiet. When you are ready to use it at the office, you won't have to worry about disturbing your co-workers.


Chair Retains Full Mobility

Because Vigor attaches to the base of your swivel chair and doesn’t need any extra room, your chair still moves normal.


Wear Any Shoe—Even High Heels

Vigor’s unique platform design lets you wear any shoe while using it. Even high heels, boots, and sandals.


Attaches in 5 Minutes

Vigor Attaches to the base of your swivel chair in 5 minutes. It also comes with all of the tools you’ll need.


Easy on Your Joints

Vigor’s low-impact rolling movement is easy on your joints without causing fatigue or discomfort.


Doesn’t Take Up Space

Vigor’s patented 0’ footprint fits flawlessly into your work area without taking up any extra space.

Compare Vigor vs. Others

How Vigor compares to elliptical bikes and treadmill desks.

Elliptical bikes
Treadmill desks
Get all your office work done while exercising Elliptical bikesYes Treadmill desksNo VigorYes
Exercise while comfortably seated on your favorite chair Elliptical bikesYes Treadmill desksNo VigorYes
Stable upper body for mistake - free typing & mousing Elliptical bikesYes Treadmill desksNo VigorYes
Safe, self-powered exercise machine. Stops when you do Elliptical bikesYes Treadmill desksNo VigorYes
Joints-friendly smooth leg motion, possible with one leg only Elliptical bikesElliptical Treadmill desksNo VigorHorizontal sliding
Exercise intensity has a range of adjustment Elliptical bikesYes Treadmill desksNo VigorYes
Fully compatible with the chair and desk you already have Elliptical bikesNo Treadmill desksNo VigorYes
Unobtrusive when not in use Elliptical bikesNo Treadmill desksNo VigorYes
Compatible with high heels Elliptical bikesNo Treadmill desksNo VigorYes
US patents Elliptical bikesNo Treadmill desksNo VigorYes
Weight Elliptical bikes27lb Treadmill desks60~250lb Vigor3lb
Additional footprint Elliptical bikes18" x 23.5" Treadmill desks78" x 67" Vigor0

Medical Study:
Vigor Burns Calories 44% Faster

The energy expenditure induced by the VIGOR attachment (HG) was measured in the Meir Hospital Sport Medicine Center in Kfar Sava, Israel.


The tests were conducted by Ms. Nekhama Lerer, a clinical dietitian, and supervised by Mr. Yigal Bar On, the head physiologist of the Center. The same MedGem® Analyzer apparatus was used for all tests.


The MedGem® Analyzer protocol for measuring the Rest Metabolism Rate (RMR) was not followed, because the purpose was to find out only how VIGOR influences the metabolism rate.


6 participants volunteered to be tested while sitting on the same swivel chair on castors to which a VIGOR had been attached.


First, the participants were tested for ~10 minutes while just sitting. Immediately afterwards they were tested for ~ 10 minutes of using the VIGOR. In both regimes the testing ended when the MedGem® Analyzer indicated that it has collected enough data, usually after ~8-10.5 minutes.


Each participant was instructed to move the cart to and from by using his/her one foot (i.e. no changing feet during the test) in a manner which is comfortable for him/her, but not faster than ~2 seconds per cycle. When asked after the test, none reported tiredness or discomfort.


Test Results:
Vigor Increases Calorie Burn Rate Up To 44% Faster

Initials, gender Age Height (cm) Weight (kg) MR resting (Kcalcs/day) MR on Vigor (Kcalcs/day) Indcrease
Initials, genderIK, f Age58 Height (cm)155 Weight (kg)55 MR resting (Kcalcs/day)1080 MR on Vigor (Kcalcs/day)1460 Indcrease35%
Initials, genderMS, m Age65 Height (cm)182 Weight (kg)95 MR resting (Kcalcs/day)1840 MR on Vigor (Kcalcs/day)2440 Indcrease33%
Initials, genderNM, m Age65 Height (cm)182 Weight (kg)95 MR resting (Kcalcs/day)1840 MR on Vigor (Kcalcs/day)2440 Indcrease33%
Initials, genderSA, f Age57 Height (cm)172 Weight (kg)79 MR resting (Kcalcs/day)1350 MR on Vigor (Kcalcs/day)1950 Indcrease44%
Initials, genderYB, m Age56 Height (cm)170 Weight (kg)105 MR resting (Kcalcs/day)2000 MR on Vigor (Kcalcs/day)2520 Indcrease26%
Initials, genderYZ, m Age73 Height (cm)170 Weight (kg)62 MR resting (Kcalcs/day)1240 MR on Vigor (Kcalcs/day)1540 Indcrease24%



Maria Lopez

Chicago, IL


After having been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, discomfort of my leg was something I just got used to - until I"" had the chance to experience the VIGOR. It challenged my weaker leg and provided a great exercise, and over time I was able to increase the tension. It is not a strenuous workout, just a flowing movement, but the feel of my leg got better. I now use the Vigor at my reading space and am so thankful for how it helps me.


Mireya Fouche

35, entrepreneur, Chicago, IL


I'm an active and athletic person, but I sit a lot while working – and know that it is not healthy. I tried the chair with VIGOR at my work space, and in the end of day its application told me that I’ve moved my legs for 5 hours during 8 hours of sitting. I felt no discomfort of my legs, got a great stretch which helped me to maintain productivity with my work. This is brilliant!


Illy Wolff

Graphic designer


Thank you so much!!! I work long hours at the computer. It helps me feel relaxed

Here Is What the “Sitting Disease” Is Doing to Your Body


Weakened Muscles


Weight Gain


Heart Disease


Poor Blood Circulation


Chronic Body Pain




Posture Problems


Anxiety & Depression