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Mimics Sitting on a Balance Ball for Active Sitting

Stay Active, Sit


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Product Highlights:

Converts to an ergonomic desk chair in seconds.

Tilts and swivels to activate core muscles.

Mimics sitting on a balance ball.

Helps prevent blood clots / sitting disease.

The lumbar support promotes good posture.

Improves blood circulation and metabolism.

Doesn't interrupt your focus, work, or typing.

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Product Description

The Acharya represents the next stage in the evolution of office task chairs.


Functioning as both an ergonomic office chair and an active sitting solution, the Acharya is the only product in the market that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.


The Acharya mechanism mimics the sitting on a balance ball, and with an additional swiveling mechanism it enables the body to:


  • Actively engage the legs’ large muscles groups
  • Passively engage the core muscles in the abdomen and lower back


The benefits from the above two features are:

  • Improved posture and reduced muscles stiffness
  • Strengthened core muscles
  • Improves blood circulation and blood pressure
  • Increases calorie burn
  • Improved Mood & Productivity
  • Improved Metabolism

These in turn help fight all the symptoms of the sitting disease and improves the health of user.


Our chair has been built and tested for over 2 years and is specifically tuned so the user can enjoy all the above benefits and keep working normally without interruption! No need to stand or walk, simply keep working.


We do understand that not everyone is excited about staying active all day, every day. We too like the occasional R&R and to simply relax in our chair. That is why the Acharya mechanism can be turned off and the chair can be used as a regular ergonomic office chair - with adjustable height, 3D adjustable armrest and adjustable lumbar support, all so you may enjoy the best of both worlds!


Stay active at your office desk by simply sitting.

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Acharya's Health Benefits


Helps Prevent the “Sitting Disease”

Weight gain, poor blood circulation, heart disease, weak muscles, diabetes, chronic pain, bad posture, anxiety and depression.


Improves Metabolism

Acharya’s tilt and swivel mechanism improves your body’s metabolism because you’re staying active while sitting.


Improves Mood & Productivity

Increases productivity since Acharya helps elevate levels of positivity hormones related to physical activity.


Helps Prevent Blood Clots

Using Acharya keeps your core and leg muscles active, which improves blood circulation to help prevent blood clots.


Benefits Similar to a Balance Ball

The tilt and swivel option turns on/off with a switch and mimics sitting on a balance ball so you get similar core benefits.


Improves Posture & Stiff Muscles

The adjustable lumbar support is ergonomic and improves posture, allowing you to sit properly. Tilt and swivel option keeps your muscles loose.

Acharya Specifications

Weight Limit: 250 lbs

Chair Width: 27.5"- 29.9" (adjustable armset)

Chair Height: 45.3"

Chair Depth: 22.9"

Floor To Seat Height Minimum: 18.1"

Floor To Seat Height Maximum: 22.9"

Floor To Seat Height Range: 18.1" - 22.9"

Seat Length: 17.3"

Seat Width: 20.08"

Frame Color: Grey

Seat / Arm Color: Grey base with gray armrest, blue seat fabric, blue backrest mesh

Base Color: Grey

Acharya Chair - Side View

Overview of Archarya

How Acharya Works


Use your legs, hips, and core muscles to rotate the chair—while still facing forward and focusing on your work.


• This exciting movement:
• makes sitting down fun
• promotes active sitting
• keeps you moving without effort
• provides several health benefits
• helps protect from harmful sitting

Rotate Your Body Using Legs and Core Muscles

Lumbar Support

Improves posture and supports your back at the right point to ease the load on your lower back.


Acharya supports your back without letting you slouch.


If you just want to sit properly at a desk, Acharya provides an ergonomic back support which you can adjust up and down to your liking.

Lumbar Support Adjuster


Acharya enables you to use your feet and core muscles to balance your body as the chair moves around.


This movement improves blood circulation and builds up your core muscles.


If you need a break, this tilting option can be turned off in a second with a flick of switch, and it converts to an ergonomic office chair; this means no swiveling or tilting. Just comfortable sitting and working.


Acharya’s Features


Conversion Switch

Quickly turn off tilting and swiveling for a regular ergonomic office chair.

Lumbar Support Adjuster

Adjustable lumbar provides ergonomic support for your back.


Molded Foam Seat

Acharya's molded foam seat provides extra comfort and is fire retardant.


Steel Base & SHS Class 4 Gas Lift

Powder coated steel base with a class 4 premium gas lift. BIFMA certified.

3D Height Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable arms with soft polyurethane that is easily cleaned and maintained.


Ventilated Mesh Back

The ventilated mesh backing provides great airflow so your back can breath.


Mimics a balance ball for better blood circulation and building your core.


Rotate using your legs so you activate your core and help prevent muscles stiffness.

Here Is What the “Sitting Disease” Is Doing to Your Body


Weakened Muscles


Weight Gain


Heart Disease


Poor Blood Circulation


Chronic Body Pain




Posture Problems


Anxiety & Depression