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Vigor is our star attachment device - it connects to almost any swivel chair and turns it into a healthy, muscle engaging, dynamic sitting apparatus. Vigor protects you from the health dangers of motionless sitting. It allows you to activate large leg muscles for tens of minutes without noticeable fatigue.


  • After mounting Vigor on your chair, simply place your foot on the pedal and slowly move it back and forth. Make sure to switch from one leg to the other every now and again. Use it for as long as you like, there’s no maximum limitation! The more you move, the better you feel.

    - Improves blood circulation and metabolism.

    - Improve the calorie burn rate by up to 45%.

    - Prevents ailments caused by motionless sitting.

    - Increases the regeneration of synovial fluid in joints

    - Vigor integrates flawlessly in your office environment.

    - When not in use, it leaves no obstacles, your chair easily rolls on the floor, swivels, and reclines.

    - Vigor is compatible with high heel shoes.

    - Vigor does not impede fast evacuation in case of emergency.

  • 14 days money back guaranteed. Please check our return policy for full details.