Need a Laugh to Perk Up Your Day for the Holidays?

Hey, check out this video – it’s a funny one for the holidays!

It’s only 30 seconds long and shows the results of a company that decided to do something different with chairs at the workplace.

Yes, the company must have had a brainstorming session to decide what to do with the standard chairs they had been using for years. No doubt, the chairs weren’t ergonomically sound, and many people in the office were probably complaining about the symptoms they were having at work but nowhere else.

The symptoms would have included any of the following:

  • headaches
  • wrist pain
  • forearm and elbow pain
  • backaches
  • posture problems
  • forward head position (like a turtle)
  • trigger points in the muscles of the back and neck
  • need for chiropractic adjustments frequently
  • can’t concentrate at work on projects
  • productivity at work is lower and can’t get the usual work done


But back to the funny video. I can only imagine what happened when the company management walked in and distributed the beanbag chairs on the first day!  I love the guy walking into the office with his gaze fixed on his papers in his hands probably. He doesn’t see the bean bag in his path, takes a tumble, and the bean bag flies up at full speed into the air! How funny it would have been if that bean bag smacked someone on the head on the way down!

2 guys on a bean bag

Office work done sitting on bean bag

It’s hysterical to me to see how people in the office are trying to get the adjustment of the height of the desks with the beanbag chairs correct. They have to look underneath the desktop to peak out at people to see what’s going on. Others have nothing to hang their suit jacket on anymore and have to get used to that.


What’s the Truth in This Situation?

The truth is that changing out your chair at work does take a little time to get used to. But it doesn’t have to take that long nor be that drastic if you used the Acharya chair instead of a beanbag chair.

With the Acharya chair, it’s not that much different than a regular chair so it’s nothing like adjusting to a bean bag chair. The Acharya chair is intended for active sitting. It activates your muscles, stimulating them. When this happens, you aren’t just sitting there, contributing to the sitting disease because you are stuck at work.

This is a big issue because there are enough studies now that show that if you sit for long hours during the workday, you are more prone to develop chronic degenerative diseases.

The Acharya chair has a wobble action to it. That’s what helps you stimulate the muscles to work. The chair doesn’t take up a lot of floor space like other chair substitutes. You won’t have to readjust your whole office to change out the chairs. And all the employees can sit like they used to sit.

The Acharya chair is not only an ergonomic solution to eliminate all those symptoms from sitting in a non-ergonomic chair. It’s also a remedy for preventing sitting diseases.


What else could you want? No more bean bag options!


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