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Features & benefits

The Kore Professional Rehabilitation Chair is an active sitting apparatus made for medical facilities such as hospitals, physical therapy centers and other professional treatment and recovery centers. 

Kore Professional easily fuses together several aspects of the active rehabilitation treatment, directing the patient to use their abdominal and back muscles, while engaging their arms, quadriceps and hamstrings. 

Exercise the Patient’s Hands

Pull a lever to bring up Kore Professional’s Squeeze Balls for exercising the patient’s palms and gradually regaining gentle fingertips sensation and motoric. 

To engage various muscle fibers, push the squeeze ball in four directions - back, forth, sideways and inwards. Level of resistance can be adjusted separately for each side - right and left.


How Do I use the
Kore Professional?

We understand that people who suffered a neurological injury are in need of a complex rehabilitation routine. Neurological injuries are usually asymmetrical and affect various parts of the musculoskeletal system differently. That's why Kore Professional can be adjusted for each side of the body and for each part. 

Kore Professional is only to be used with the guidance of a medical professional or physical therapist.

Why choose Kore?

Kore Professional Rehabilitation Chair is a wonderful tool for physical therapists looking to provide their patients with an adjustable, medical grade workout tool that can be moved around and used for hours at a time.

Kore Professional can be adjusted to your patient’s level and requirements; When working with patients suffering from severe damage, use the chair to extend ranges of motion. In later stages or with patients suffering less severe damage, use the chair to work with low weight resistance.

Using Kore is considered a low intensity physical activity which can enhance brain and neuromuscular adaptation in the fourth age. It also works to restore movement which improves quality of life. Low intensity physical activity is extremely important for patients who have had or who currently have neurological diseases or injuries.

Kore & Rehabilitation
After Brain Injury

The Kore Professional Rehabilitation Chair is made for stroke therapists who are wisely looking to promote neuroplasticity to improve motor function in their patients.

Using Kore Professional as a part of the treatment, is considered low intensity physical activity and thus can improve the physical and emotional well-being of patients. With Kore Professional, your medical establishment will be able to provide patients with top-level, medically advanced care and treatment at various stages of their recovery.

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