Holiday Special

Need a Laugh to Perk Up Your Day for the Holidays?

Hey, check out this video – it’s a funny one for the holidays! It’s only 30 seconds long and shows the results of a company that decided to…

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Pelvis Flexibility

The Importance of Pelvis Flexibility

Why You Need Flexibility in Your Pelvis – and Hips Your pelvis and hips are very important to keep you mobile. Your pelvis holds your body up so that…

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How to Organize Your Workspace in the Most Efficient Way

How much would you say that a disorganized workspace affects your productivity and efficiency? How long can you ignore the messes around you before you throw up your hands…

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Do You Have the Top 7 Ergonomic Accessories at Your Office?

Ergonomics is one of those realities of life that often isn’t known until someone starts noticing they have back pain, neck pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. They have an…

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Trends in Office Furniture Post-Covid

The office environment is changing a lot now since the Covid pandemic. Here’s a list of what businesses are now furnishing their office space with: green office furniture made…

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What Makes a Chair Ergonomic and How Can You Make It Better?

Ergonomics can be traced back to ancient Greece, where Hippocrates described the best posture for daily activities as well as how to use ergonomic tools and equipment. In his…

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How to Make Fighting Off Sedentary Holiday Habits a New Years Resolution

The holidays can inevitably become a time to laze. Between the cold weather, an excellent TV lineup, and a few days’ respites from work it can be easy, and…

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Importance of active sitting and repetitive movement to combat the effects of ADHD and ADD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), also known as attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a chronic condition. Symptoms include difficulty with sustained attention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. While ADHD often begins…

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Protect your employees

Why Should Your Company Prioritize Well Being After Covid-19?

Here’s how to put healthcare front and center to foster prosperity The Coronavirus pandemic has sparked a global conversation on the accessibility to healthcare in the different aspects of…

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Take a Seat: 4 Ways You Didn’t Know You Were Sitting Wrong & How to Fix Them

The average American adult spends about six and a half hours a day sitting. Given the remote revolution and coronavirus pandemic, the real number could easily be much higher…

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