Benefits of Using the Vigor

Let’s face it. Your chair at work is essentially a chair of death. It makes your muscles shut down all day long – the equivalency of suffering from the effects of bedrest even though you aren’t in bed!

Sitting is the next smoking, experts say. And unfortunately they have the evidence to back it.

The bottom line is you can’t expect your health to stay good for long once you stop movement of your body by sitting on a chair for extended periods of time at work or at home.

Make One Simple Change – and Transform Your Life

What if you could convert your chair of death at work to a chair of life?

By adding the Vigor to your swivel chair at work, you convert motionless sitting to sitting with motion. Your body wants and needs motion in order to have life at its fullest.

What it does is activates your large leg muscles – calf, ankle and thigh muscles. No longer are your muscles doing nothing but withering away as you work day in and day out for weeks, months and years.

Instead, they are awakened once you start rolling the foot attachment back and forth with your left foot. Switch to the right foot and you get the right-sided leg muscles woken up and working, too.

The movement speeds up metabolism, just like exercise does. You burn more calories during the day without even thinking about it. Staying active while working, your brain receives greater circulation and your thoughts are clearer. You make fewer mistakes at work.

And how easy is it to move your foot while you’re talking on the phone to a difficult client? Moving your foot dispels some of the aggravation while you stay calm and collected during your discussion with the complainer!

Unlike Any Other Type of Exercise Equipment

The Vigor isn’t like other types of exercise equipment that are made to essentially be an island of their own. Think about the treadmill for example, or the stationery bicycle. Both of these take up a lot of space in the home or office. An elliptical bicycle is generally 18 x 23.5” and a treadmill takes up a huge area of 78” x 67”. Sure, they’ll help you get in shape but they’re a bit impractical for work because you couldn’t really work at your desk while using them. You’re either on the treadmill/bicycle or at your desk. There’s no in between.

This invention is ingenious because it uses the existing infrastructure of the office – your office chair. There’s no need for additional space and no matter how small your work cubicle is, the Vigor fits.

No Long, Complicated Installations Either

The Vigor is installed in about 5 minutes on the bottom of your chair. It is universally compatible to all swivel chairs.

Attaching to three legs of your chair, it fits directly over the pole of the chair and all that is needed is three screws. The foot piece with wheels slides out and your foot is placed on it. And you simply move your foot back and forth.

You Can Adjust the Intensity of the Exercise, Too

Researchers have found that it’s near impossible to go from inactive muscles of a sedentary lifestyle (such as what is experienced from a desk worker) to full activity. You have to build up slowly. This is because sitting at a desk has caused different parts of the neurological relay between nerve and muscle to shut down.

The Vigor takes this fact into consideration and allows you to start with minimal resistance in moving your feet and then progress to more difficult levels of resistance. This is exactly what your leg muscles want and need.

The movement is one of horizontal sliding, something anyone can do. Even those with a condition called foot drop can perform this motion.

The motion is directed and controlled by you. You’re the one powering the exercise so when you stop moving your foot, the foot slider stops sliding. It’s not like a treadmill where the ‘pavement’ of the treadmill keeps going or like a bicycle where if you stop pedaling, the bicycle is still moving.

Works with Any Type of Shoes

For women, here’s the best part of all: you don’t have to change work shoes or high heels to athletic shoes. Your high heels or even sandals will fit perfectly on the slider part of the device Just as well as your athletic shoes.

Best of All

Best of all, you can rest assured that your desk job is not going to kill you anymore. It’s not going to be a bad influence on your health anymore when you can use the Vigor.

The cost is one that all employers can certainly set aside as a bonus for their employees, as well. It’s a small investment in their employee’s health that shows the employees they truly do care.

Better circulation, better brain function, waking up all those inactive leg muscles WHILE you’re working is truly worth a lot these days. Try the Vigor.