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Features & benefits

In India, Acharya means Teacher. The Acharya Chair gently coaches you towards healthy upright sitting while increasing blood circulation and joint engagement.


Use your feet and core muscles to balance your body as the chair moves around. Improves blood circulation and builds up your core. This option can be switched off if you need a break.

Why choose the Acharya?

As a part of our Office chair collection, the Acharya Chair is designed to prevent the “Sitting Disease”, by using our advanced proprietary mechanism which will keep your muscles engaged, without compromising on your comfort.

Do you sit at your desk for hours at a time? Do you often find yourself stiff from prolonged sitting? The Acharya is the perfect solution for anyone looking to sit comfortably at a desk while engaging their muscles.

The Acharya helps improve blood circulation and muscle stiffness, all as you sit at your desk without interruption to your daily routine. The Acharya is reported to increase productivity since it elevates levels of positivity hormones related to physical activity.

It’s time to say goodbye to your current desk chair with its muscle atrophying mechanism and welcome Acharya into your office. No health or age restrictions apply. Turn Instability Mode off, and the Acharya is a standard desk chair.

How do I use the Acharya?

First of all, make sure that both your feet are fully rested on the ground while you sit comfortably. Then, turn on Instability Mode with a flick of a switch.
Your chair will immediately feel like a balance ball, with gentle tilts and shifts. Use your feet and core to keep yourself stable and your back up right. After a short while, you won’t even notice your muscles are working and you’ll be able to resume your daily routine at your desk, all while keeping your blood flow going and your joints active.
Adjustment time varies between users, and it ranges from 8 to 20 hours. Take your time to get used to this wonderful feature, and switch Instability Mode off whenever you need a break! The Acharya looks and feels just like any other office chair when the mechanism is turned off.

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